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401k Business Funding

Rollover Business Funding


  • You get to capitalize (fund) your business without debt-servicing ( no monthly payments) or interest charges
  • Reach profitability quicker as your business enjoys reduced over-head expenses
  • Stronger Employee Retention - note: your business will be able to attract higher quality employees and maybe even more important, retain top employees. The last thing you want is to hire, train and develop good people only to lose them to your competitor because you do not have a retirement plan.
  • Tax-deferred savings and compounding of your long-term business growth
  • Reimburse yourself for most start-up costs of your business
  • Payback not required - if your business is not successful you are not required to pay back your retirement plan
  • Rollover Funding also works with SBA and other business funding options
  • Easy, low-cost exit and transition options available

401k Rollover Funding - Legal Compliance

Is it legal? Yes, when completed and maintained in a compliant manner. We bring you the compliance assistance necessary to integrate each and every component required by law to comply with all applicable ERISA and IRS code sections pertinent to this type of transaction.

Our program has been reviewed by ERISA tax attorneys who typically have an LLM (Masters Degree in Taxation) or CPA certifications. We have done hundreds of customized retirement funded business plans for business owners across America.

Our compliance assistance brings you the experience and knowledge to assist you through the following steps:

  • IRA Angel Funding creates a C-Corporation for your company
  • Your new C-Corporation adopts a new retirement plan
  • Your existing retirement funds are rolled over to your new retirement plan
  • Your retirement plan purchases shares of qualified employer stock in your new business with the proceeds  being deposited into the new business checking account
  • Your new company is funded with Investment & Working Capital

Getting Started

The first step in the 401k Business Funding process is to complete the Interactive Questionnaire then print each completed page and fax to (800)459-5604 OR scan and email to